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Black Paperback: A Book Fair

For Our Community

Black Paperback is a book fair consisting of local black writers and black published authors.  Most writers have a hard time finding the space and visibility for their work, this is more true for writers of color who are often marginalized and hidden from mainstream media. Black Paperback is a space to support the purchase of local literary works from writers of color and an opportunity to network with local authors.

Black Paperback hosted its inaugural book fair on July 24th 2021!  The event saw an attendance of a little over 150 individuals who enthusiastically supported authors, shared pictures and purchased books.  

Please help support local artist and creative writers who are excited to share their stories by participating in the event and purchasing books by local authors in 2022!

This is a free event, please come with your blankets and umbrellas and enjoy amazing food trucks while you read books by your neighbors.    

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